Hawaii Medical Group Management Association

Outer Island Focus Groups

The Hawaii Association of Outer Island Health Clinics serves as an advocate for the members with outer island health clinics. Specific responsibilities and duties are:

  • Organize a pre-conference social/networking gathering the evening prior to the conference for members with or interested in Outer Island Health Clinics. Coordinate with focus group planning the conference.
  • Work with the membership focus group to recruit new members from outer islands settings.
  • Prepare information pertaining to Outer Island Health issues for the HMGMA web site.
  • Be aware of changes in policies and regulations that affect Rural Health Clinics and communicate this to the membership.
  • Participate in forums and activities of Outer Island Health Clinics at the national level.
  • The Outer Island Health focus group chairperson will report on the Outer Island Health Clinic focus group activities at the conference business meetings.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this focus group, please contact:

Coming soon.