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Join HMGMA now. We are a dynamic organization of professionals dedicated to developing solutions to the problems facing medical group practices.


HMGMA provides:

  • Certifications and assistance
  • Educational conferences and programs
  • Career enhancement
  • Colleague networking

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Why Join HMGMA?

Mission Statement

To improve the effectiveness of Hawaii-based medical group practices and the knowledge and skills of the individuals who manage and lead them.

The HMGMA web site contains information about HMGMA, how to become a member, and how to contact us.

In addition, there is information about the current HMGMA officers and focus groups, and links to our business associates and national affiliates.

  • Peer support and provide opportunities for skill development
  • Support medical groups and practices
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information
  • Encourage the development of solutions
  • Proactively exert a positive influence on external forces impacting direction and development

Become a Member

Join HMGMA now. We are a dynamic organization of professionals dedicated to developing solutions to the problems facing medical group practices.




Individual Memberships

An Administrator, manager, supervisor, lead/coordinator or provider within an Organization Member. Organization Member defined as:

  • Medical group of three (3) more physicians formally organized for health care delivery.
  • Management organizations including , but not limited to Hospital-Physician Organizations, IndependentProvider Associations, Management Service Organizations and Practice Management Companies, which provide administrative and related support services to one (1) or more groups and/or medical practices with three (3) or more physicians.
  • Medical practices with fewer than three (3)and greater than zero (0) physicians organized for health care delivery.



Allied Memberships

A representative of a non-medical group practice organization who is otherwise involved in health care through professional societies and emerging health care systems including but not limited to Indemnity and Group Insurance Organizations, Health Maintenance Organizations, Pharmacy Benefit Management corporations , Medicare Advantage Organizations, Third Party Liability Administrators.


Joint Agreement for Grace Periods

The American Medical Association and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) jointly announced that agreement has been reached on important elements of a “grace period” for the October 1, 2015, implementation of the ICD-10 diagnosis code set. To read the full article, click here.

ICD Transition

Do you have questions about the ICD 10 transition? Please click here for FAQsPlease click here for FAQs

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